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Our products are constructed in the respect of the norms laws concerning our product branch. We refer in particular to the Italian recent D.Lgs 624/94. and D.Lgs. 224/96 about the " Improvement of the emergency and the health of the workers on the place of the job ", and German norms DIN 12925-1 and DIN 12925-2 that specifically regard the closets of emergency. Our products are finalized to the emergency, it's important, therefore, that the customers' purchase is turned to a high quality, sure and reliable product. Our mission is giving the customer a functional and technologically competitive product, and beyond that, giving the product a good aesthetic so far. The SafetyBox yellow colour, born for emergency requirements, endorses attention and alerts the users for danger, and in order to guarantee a greater visibility of the closets in danger case, gives a characteristic touch to the furnishing of the laborartories. SAFETYBOX Closets satisfy the demands of more and more informed and demanding customers, who spurred us to improve our producst, making them more functional and reliable. Safetybox is today the "emergency synonym" and the brand itself, is a warranty for the most demanding customer. To testimony such a reliability, we wanted that all our products were certifyd, to guarantee the validity of the product and the respect of the norms, and therefore SAFETYBOX exposes the label TüV GS (Guaranteed Security ).                           

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