Spring driven mechanism, adjustable from 40 to 208 beats per minute.




With manual stop and reset. Accurarcy : 1/5 second.


STOPWATCH, 0-15 minutes

As above, but with 1/10 second accuracy.


73c.tif (91118 byte)



Suiitable for all laboratory operations requiring the timing of preset intervals ( photography, thermal and mechanical processes, etc).The time perid may be preset for up to 2 hours wioth an accuracy of 1/4 minute. The end of the time period is signalied by an alarm.

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This timer was designed to replace the traditional dial type timer, and has the advantage of lower cost and a more moder concept. The timing signal are generated by an integrated circuit oscillator wich guarantees accuracy equal to the sensitivity of the instrument independent of the mains frequency. It is particulay useful with the air track 4132.00, the oscillations counter 2237.10, the free fall apparatus 4134.65, and the atwood machine 4133.00.


Technical characteristics:

measurement of the time interval between two pulses or the duration of pulse (determination average or instantaneous velocity).

conunter range 9.99 s or 99.9 s with two sensitivities 1/100 s or 1/100 s may by preselected.

3 figure display, 20mm figure heught, with overange indicator.

incorporated amplifier-power supply for use with photocell gates.

timer activated by electromechanical or photocell gates.

automatic or manual reset

auxiliar 12V d.c. power supply unit for use with accessories (eg. release electromagnetes).

input 110-220V, 50-60 Hz

dimensions: 300mm x 150mm x 300mm


Spare parts and accessories for 2232.30


2512.04 Spare fuse 0.5 A

2512.07 Spare fuse 1 A

2505.06 Spotlight bulb for photocell gate

2236.08 spare optical gate unit

2236.22 Control box for release electromagnets   

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Large, bright digital display

Four decimal point position

Time base 10 Hz quartz oscillator

Includes amplifier power supply for photocell gates

Auxiliary 12 V d.c. output for electromagnets

Incorporated power supply for G-M tubes

Input for pulse counter and for frequency meter

Automatic an manual reset


This electronic digital timer permits the measurement of time intervals with choice of 1/10, 1/100, 1/100, or 1/100 second accuracy. The timer is activated by electromechanical gates. The tiemr operates with the photocell gates under all room ligthting conditions. Two timing modes: q) automatic display of time interval between successive level changes on the same gate, or b) automatic display of time interval between level changes on the two different gates.


The unit may also be used as a pulse counter with pulses between 100 mV and 50 V, with not less than 500 ms; the pulses may be supplied by a G-M tube. A muliple socjėket on the timer supplies the G-M tube with the necessary power.


the input signal, between 100 Mv and 50 V, is via a pair of 4 mm diameter sockets. Range 0 to 99,999 Hz x 1 Hz.

GENERAL Protection electronic and via fuses (0.5 A and 1 A).

Power input 110-220 V, 50-60 Hz.

Complete with pair of photocell gates and mains cable with 19 mm plug.

Accessorie and spare parts for 2234.00

2512.04 Spare fuse 0.5 A 

2512.07 Spare fuse 1 A 

2505.06 Spotlight bulb for photocell gate 

2236.08 spare optical gate unit 

2236.22 Control box for release electromagnets   

2236.80 Time selector for measurement cycles 

4825.00 Geiger Muller tube





Control box for electromagnets used with equipment requiring the opening of the power supply circuit of an electromagnet.

Used together with our electronic tmers, the control box allows for the synchronization of the timer start and the opening of the circuit of the electromagnet.


wb00721_.gif (1421 byte)