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Consente di realizzare numerose esperienze di statica, tra cui, in particolare, alcune riguardanti l'equilibrio per una carrucola fissa, la composizione di forze convergenti, la composizione di forze parallele e complanari, il momento di una forza, l'equilibrio per le leve.

Composta da:

-1 coppia di sostegni telescopici con carrucola a basso attrito;

-1 sostegno con perno centrale per fissare l'asta con fori;

-1 scala centimetrata con fori per l'aggancio di pesetti;

-6 gancetti;

-2 contrappesi per la scala centimetrata;


-schede di istruzione per 9 esperimenti.


106c.tif (54173 byte)


Magnetic blackboard model

This model offers two advantages: it perimits a graphis representation of equlibrium configurations , and utilizes magnetic elements which can be easily moved over the large surface of the magnetic blacboard.


1 Mettalic blackboard , 100cm x 100 cm, mounted on feet with levelling screws

1 Spring balance, 100 g

1 Six pulleys with magnetic pin for direct attachment to magnetic blackboard

1 Four magnetic pins for support of centimeter rule, spring balance, etc.

1 One helical spring with pointer.

1 One centrimeter rule with holes. The holes are spaced 20 mm apart, and serve fort the support of the rule by means of the magnetic pins  or pulleys, or for the attachment of the spring balance and masses to the rule.

1 Two counterwigths for centimeter rule

1 Four low-friction pulleys with hook

1 12 masses of 25 g each

1 4 masses of 50 g each

1 Block and tackle with six pulleys

1 Counterwight for block and tackle

1 Counterweight for mobile pulley

1 5 plane figures for location of centre of gravity

1 10 rings

1 8 hooks

1 Cotton twine cord, 10 m

1 Package of plasticine

1 Case with compartments for storage of accessories

1 Set of instruction sheets.


Accessories for 4114.55:  

Inclined plane

Magnetic attachment , with adjustable in clination; trolley track, linear and arc scale (for the trolley see cat. 4114.63)


4114.58 Weinhold's disk

For experiments with moments . Magnetic attachment

Mounted on ball-bearing.Complete with pins for application of forces.


4114.63 Cart for inclined plane

Metal construction, with hole for application of cord, hook for attachment of known masses.

Mass 100 K 2 g.




INCLINED PLANE Comprises a board, 650 x 7 x 16 mm, with 40 mm diameter pulley , hinged to a base 460 x 80 x 16 mm. This board may be clamped in any position to a graduated, arc-shoped plastic support. Board and base in wood faced with metal cylindrical roller , mass approximately 300 g, 30 mm diameter , but without masses or scale pan

Accessories for 4114.68:

Scale pan (see cat. 4113.26)

Cord (see cat. 4113.12)

Masses ( see cat. 4111.10 and subsequent items)


108a.tif (29229 byte)



Includes metal stand with plastic base , pin for hanging figures, conical point for testing centre of gravity, plumb line and a set of 4 plane figures.



Includes a tripod stand with rod , yoke with conical point , two mobile masses..

The apparatus essentially modeles a rigid body with a centre of gravity which can shift position with respect to the various elements of the body, by moving the two masses. The beam , resting on the conical point, demonstrates how the various positions of the centre of gravity, with respect to the point of support, completely determine the type of equilibrium to which the body may be subjected.


108b.tif (25474 byte)




The framework of this device is articulated at the corner joints, so that it may be deformed parallel to a pair of lateral face. Placing the device on a rigid horizontal plane, its equilibrium may be studied as a function of its changing form.

A plumb line ( included ) indicates the vertical projection of  the centre of gravity.




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