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All Icaro Didattica fume cupboards have been designed to provide the best possible operating and safety conditions during experiments in wich toxic fumes are produced. A number of safety features prevent the occurrence of dangerous accident:

The glazed sash in 6 mm thick tempered glass in accordance with current safety standards.

In the case of accidental breakage, the glass will powder instead of shattering, thus eliminating the danger of sharp fragments;

The accidental breakage of one of the sash cords for the raising and lowering of the protective sash causes the immediate blocking of the sash andits counterweights in the stiles.This save the operator from injury, and prevents tre breaking of the sash window due to falling

The roof of the fume cupboard is fitted with a gravity-type blow-out valve which is activated by sudden increases in preassure whithin the cupboard due to violent chemical reactions.

All areas of the cupboard are accessible for maintenance and inspection.

Mains connections are easily reached by pulling out the underbench unit mounted on sliding rails

The fume cupboards are available in the convenzional extraction model.

The latter is suitable for use with dense vaporous which tend to settle at the bottom of the cupboard


The fume cupboard are anticipated

in the aspiration version convenzional and to double circuit of aspiration.


These last ones allows the rapid elimination on the smoke


Schematic section of the two9-cycle fume cupboard











Maximum overall dimensions: cm 122 x 80 x 240 h ( width x depth x height ) aprroxmately

SERVICES: p43-1.gif (86007 byte)

- 1 gas-cock with front-mounted control and riffled nozzle; - 1 swan-neck water tap with front-mounted control and riffled nozzle; - 1 sink in porcelain-lined gres, cm 10 x 10, with Vulcathene or Moplen drain trap; - 1 circuit breaker switch extractor indicator light; - 1 light switch; - 2 electrical outlets 220 v 15 A + earth.



The electric extractor  has the following characteristics:

- multi-vane impeller cast in one piece from acid-resistant PVC;

- perfectly balanced to maintain  low running noise ( 65 dB max ) ;

- easisly dismantled for inspection and maintenance;

- asynchronous motor: 0.25 HP - 220 V 50  Hz single - phase, 1450 rpm;

- air delivery: 800 mc/h. Head: 20 mm H  O.



p43-2.gif (30405 byte)

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p43-4.gif (27617 byte)

Conventional extraction cat. 1625.00

Two-cycle extraction     cat. 1630.00

Under bench unit: Open, with removable panel for inspection of services

Conventional extraction cat. 1625.36

Two-cycle extraction     cat. 1630.36

Under bench unit: Extractible cupboard with 2 doors, central divider, 2 adjustable shelves.

Conventional extraction cat. 1625.38

Two-cycle extraction     cat. 1630.38

Under bench unit: Extractible unit with 6 drawers on nylon guides.

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