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Of the component type, in 60 mm x 20 mm steel tubing of 1.5 mm thickness, treated with acid-proof paint. The large section of the tubing result in a strong and rigid structure. This is further enhanced by the use of special couplings inserted within the tubing at all allow for the perfect adjustment of the working surface.

Painting of the metallic parts:

The painting is carefully carried out with high-quality products in ordeer to guarantee the adherence of the paints to the metal surfaces and a high degree of resistance to chemical products even in extreme conditions.

Prior to the actual painting, all surfaces are completely degreased using a process based on trichloroethylene vapour, so that the surfaces will be in the best possible condition for the adherence of the paint. The special type of epoxy paint used further enhances the bond particulary well to steel. Afetr application, the painted surfaces are baked in a special tunnel.

After the priming, the metal surfaces are finisched with a thick coating of epoxy paint of the desired colour and ovenbaked.

This thorough finisching gives P.G.A. furnisching their high and allow them to last through many years of use in good condition. All metal parts are treated in this way prior to assembly. Therefore all surfaces are equally resistant to chemical agents.

Extractible components:

These are housed in suitable spaces within the frame, and are mounted on special rails with limit stops. Their modular construction renders them perfectly interchangeable and result in a higt degree of flexibility.

The doors are specially treated and fastened to the wooden structure with self-threading screws.

The counterbalanced drawers are constructed in wood and completely covered with PVC.

The components are constructed in wood of 20 mm thickness and completely faced with acid-proof melamine plastic laminate of 12/10 mm thickness.

The laminated panels used for construction of these components are in higt-quality materials with a higt-degree of resistance to physico-chemical phenomena.

The panel core is in phenomenol-type particle board which has much better water-proofing and heat-resistance charactteristics than the normal vinil-type particle board. The laminated plastic facing is applied by means of a press, and using two-component catalytic glue which is completely water-resistant even during long periods of immersion.

The panel edges are machine-sealed with resin applied at 220 C in order to guarantee adherence for an unlimited period of time.

This procedure is followed for all wooden parts used in the construction of P.G.A. furniture including hoods, panellings, cabinets, instrument panels, etc.




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Work tops:

Work tops may be realized in varius ways according to their future use:


Constructed of a core in waterprool-type particle board 25 mm thick, completelyh faced with 12/10 mm thick acid-proof melamine plastic laminate. The plastic laminate is applied with catalytic glu as previously described for the extractible components. This gives the work top a high degree of resistance ti moisture and heat.The hardness and strength of laminated plastic give it a long life and allow it to remain in perfect conditions even after many years of use.

The chemical characteristics of the palstic allow the work top to be used all but the most corrosive chemicals.


This type of work top is made of a 25 mm thick phenol-type particle sheet covered with acid-proof ceramic tiles. The surface is specially constructed so that it is perfectly level at the joints between the 2 mm thick tiles.The tiles are attached with special rubber latex glu and acid-proof Portland cement, thus ensuring both perfect adhesion of the tiles as well as a sufficient degree of elasticity. This allow for the absorption of mechanical vibrazion of significant intensity witout breaking of cracking of the tiles or sealant.The final sealing of the joint is carried out using epoxy filler with a high physico-chemical resistance.

The traps andnosepieces of the work top are in the same material as the tiles , while the perimetral rim is in acid-proof PVC channel perfectly sealed to the surface with epoxy glue.


In brass, treated with acid-proof epoxy paint and oven-baked after pickling. Each tap is individually tested towithstand pressures of up to 10 atmospheres.

The taps follow the operating principles of the safety valve with which we have a great deal of experience; this allows us to guarantee these taps even after many years of intense use.

The taps use the principle of the the ball valve with a double closing gasket. This double gasket has the following advantages: the seal is maintained even if one of the gaskets breaks; the material used(Teflon) is self-lubricating and allows for effort-free operation; the use of a spring for the recovery of gasket pressure; the seal of the gasket increases with the feed pressure. The tap constructed in this way is pratctically maintenance free. Each tap may have one or more outlets, each with a separate handle in moplen (colour coded) : green for cold water; yellow for gas ; gray for compressed air. The tube for connection to the feed is in 3/8" IP


Available in the following materials:

a) Vulcathene, acid resistant, colour black, equipped with drain and plug, for mounting on plastic laminate work top. Dimensions: 35 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm;

b) Fireclay for mounting on tiled work top; the non-poporus sink is of single-piece construction without joiints; interior and exterior angles are rounded; the anti-stain finisch is highly painted to guarantee an excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents, and temperature jumps. Dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm.

Feed and discharge system :

The tubing for gas and water feed is in zinc, with branchings in soft copper and joints in brass with mechanical unions.

The water discharge tubing is in acid-resistant Vulcathene or moplen, as are the sink attachments. Each bench is supplied with main valves for water and gas supply shtoff.

Electrical system:

all wires are insulated and protected by special acid-proof flexible wateeproof sheathing. All shunts are contained in special hermetically sealed junction boxes according to the latest international safety standards.

Electrical outlets:

Waterproof construction with protective cover, suitable for mounting on panels or turrets to be situated directly on the work top. The safety outlets have a ground lead to the latest safety standards.






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