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2403.35 POWER SUPPLY UNIT with silicon rectifer

For use with low-tension equipment.

Input: 110-220V, 50-60Hz

Outputs: 6V 5 A fixed, for lamphouses 2-4-6-8-10-12 V 5A max DC and AC, set by means of rotating switch.

Protection : by fuse and circuit breaker. In metal case with 4 mm plug sockets at 19 mm spacing for outputs, fuse holder, mains switch, and mains cable with 2-pole plug and centarl earth.


Toroidal wound, with continuously variable output.

Power: 1.1kWInput: 220V

Output: 0-270V

Current output: 4A max

Complete with mains switch indicator light three-core mains cable with biplug and central earth.

Sparwe part for 2403.42:

2403.43 Fuse ,6.3 paxck of 10.

2404.12 RECTIFER UNIT , diode bridge type

Input:400V pak max

Cuerrent output:15A max

In Metal case , with 4 mm socket plugs for connections. Together with the variable output autotransformer (cat.2403.42), the rectifer unit produces a pulsating current at variable tension which can normally substitute direct current in the teaching laboratory.







multiple output ranges for  greater versatility


high tension output may be exeternally triggered


double electronic protection system for I and V


This power supply unit was designed especially for use in the educational loffering several fixed and variable output ranges , and able to withstand overloads due incorret use.

The 3-4 mA 0-5 kV output is guaranteed safe , while the  EHT output which is obtained by means of a controlled d.c. - d.c. converter has a current output limited to 1 mA and is therefore biologically harmless. The variable output are electronically protected against short-circuts of even Unlimited duration.

Techinical characteristics 
Power requirements 110/220 V a.c., 50-60 Hz
Absorption 100 W max
Output ranges - EHT 0-5 kV d.c., 3-4 mA, continuously adjustable, negative earth

- EHT 0-15 kV d.c., 1 mA, continuously adjustable, negative earth

- HT 0-300 V d.c., 60 mA, continuously adjustable, fully floating.

- LT 0-30 V d.c., 60 mA continuously adjustable, fully floating.

- 300 V d.c., 60 mA fixed, fully floating

- 6.3 V a.c. 2 A, fully floating

- 6.3 V a.c. 2 A, with earth


Protection elettronic on variable outputs, fuses on fixed outputs.
The outputs are completely independent and may be connected in series. The fully floating circuits may also be earthed or given a non-zero potential.

The EHT output may be truggered by and external low tension source (2-10 Vpp) which activates the converter to produce an EHT output in synchrony with the tension of the control generator (eg. on function generator). This is prticularly useful for the production of elettronical discharges with a preset frequency, for example, when plotting on spark paper.

The 6.3 V a.c. outputs and the RHT and HT outputs makes this power supply unit particularly useful with electronic tubes. Due to the continously available EHT output, this unit is also suitable for use with many of the items used in electrostatics, serving as a source for costant potential charges in place of the usual electrostatic generator.



This power supply unit has been specifically designed for use with various discharge tubes. It may also be used with other laboratory equipment ( spectrum tubes , park counter, etc) requiring a high tension power supply not over 5000 V.

Extra high tension obtained by means of a controlled DC-DC cnverter.

Particularly suitable for use with:

spectrum tubes (cat. 4470.10-4470.17)

Spark counter ( cat. 4830.00)

Luminescent tube (cat. 4850.60)

Perrin tube(cat.4850.08)

Maltese cross tube(cat.4850.10)

Cathode ray deflection tube(cat.4850.12)

Demonstration diode(cat.485014)

Demonstration triode(cat. 485016)

Electron diffraction tube(cat. 4850.20)

An important advantage of this power supply unit is that both LT and HT outputs are floating , while the current from the HT output is limted to safe levels electronically, as well as by means of a series circuit of resistors. 

Thecnical characteristics:


output: 0-5000 V d.c., 3-4 mA max, continuously variable, with central socket for tension between 0 and 2500 V, 3 mA max.


output: 0-5000 V d.c., 60 A max, continuously variable, with central socket for tension between 0 and 2500 V, 60 A max.


output: 6,3 V a.c., 2 A, insulated from 5000 V, for filaments.


Protection: electronic, and by 1 A fuse


Power requirements: 110-220V, 50-60 Hz


Dimensions: 300x150x300mm


In metal case, with mains switch and indicator light, meter for control of output tension, mains cable, biplug with central earth.

complete with a pair of high tension cables.


This unit has been specially designed for the school laboratory, and has both high tension and low tension output for thermoionic tubes.

This unit is particularly suitable for use with:

- Vacuum diode (cat.4780.00);

- Vacuum triode (cat.4780.50);

- Diodes and triodes ( cat. 4850.14; 4850.16, 4850.18)

- Double-beam tube (cat. 4850.21);

- Critical potential tube (cat. 4850.22).

Complete with 3-core mains cable with biplug and centarl earth.


Thecnical characteristics:



0-300 V d.c., 60 mA max, fully continuously adjustable, 

0-30 V d.c., 60 mA fully floating continuously adjustable, 

6.3 V a.c., 2 A two fully floating outputs.




Protection: electronic on the variable circuits; fise on fixed circuits


Weight: 5 Kg


Power supply: 110-220V, 50-60 Hz


The indipendent outputs may be connected in series. The fully floating circuits may be used to provide negative voltage if required. The fixed 6.3 V outputs are provided for operation of tubes. A meter on the front panel of the unit shows the output of the variable circuits.


Supplies the voltages most commonly used in the laboratory. Protected against overload  and equipped with a variable autotransformer for adjustment of output voltage.Low voltage  isolated from mains by trasformer.

A continuously variable autotrasformer feeds a fixed-ratio step-down transformer to allow the continuous variation of output voltage.

The front panel of the metal case has two moving iron meter indicating output current and voltage which can be switched to either the a.c. or d.c. output. The front panel also houses all controls and output sockets, the indicator light, and the magnetothermic circuit breaker.

The rectifier circuit is capable of withstanding continuous operation of the nominal 10 A outputs, as well as 100% current surges without damage. A capacitor of 104 F, functioning as a filter in parallel to d.c. circuit insures sufficient smoothing for the majority of laboratory uses.


Technical characteristis:



0-30 V max 10 A in d.c.

0-22 V max 10 A in c.c.

6 V 5 A fixed, in a.c.

Protection: magnetothermic, circuit breaker and 1.5 A fuse for variable outputs, and 6.3 A fuse for fixed output.


Input 220V, 50 Hz Weight 12.5 Kg Dimensions 420 x 150 x 300 mm



Specially designed for use in physics and electronics labs.Where the current required does not exceed 3 A.

Stabilized current and tension. Voltage and current are displayed directy on front panel meters. In addition the front panel houses outputus in a.c., needed to power projectors, electromagnets,etc.


Technical characteristis:


Outputs DC Voltage 0-25 V continuously variable, 0-3 A continuously variable  AC Voltage: 6V 10 A fixed, 12 V 5 A fixed, 24 V 2.5 A fixed.



 < 1% for change in output current from 10% to 100%  

< 1% for  15% change in mains power.


Protection: electronic on regulated d.c. output; by fuse on a.c. fixed outputs.


Dimensions 300 x 150 x 300 mm Power requirements: 110-220V, 50-60 Hz


Complete with ON/OFF switch with indicator light, mains cable with biplug and central earth.


Is a very economical power supply unit which is being used to supply power to apparatus that, using an elecrical motor in d.c., require power which can be regulated  at a low tension and low current (max 3A).

- 4311.00 ICARO DIDATTICA Ripple tank

- 4192.10 Kinetic Theory Model Apparatus.

Technical characteristis:


Outputs: 6V 30W a.c., 0-6V 3 A d.c. continuously variable.

Protection: by fuses

Input: 110-220 V, 50-60 Hz


Complete with 3 core mains cable with biplug and central earth. 




Designed to accept signals from all transducers (photocell gates, dynamic micro phones, piezoelectric crystal, etc) to be connected to other electronic equipment such as the Icaro Didattica electrronic timer, another amplifier, or oscilloscopes, when the original signals are weak , or when they are sent from an apparatus  with an output impedance too low for the input impedance of the amplifier.


Technical characteristis:


Indipendent channels: 2

Output gain:

continuously variable from 0 to 60 dB over the full range of auduble frequencies.

Input impedance: 10 kΩ, 100 kΩ,

Output  impedance: 50 Ω

Power requirements: 110-220V, 50-60 Hz

Dimensions 300 x 150 x 300 mm


In addition to its use an amplifier, this unit may be used for the audible detection of radiactive particles (together with a GM counter cat. 4825.00 ) or the modulation and detection of a lser beam ( see cat. 4479.00 ). In metal housing complete with: mains switch; input via 4 mm plug sockets for GM tube; output via 4 mm plug sockets; volume control; tone control; LF/GM selector switch; switch for the exclusion of the loudspeaker; mains cable with biplug and central earth.


Technical characteristis:


Input impedence: 100 kΩ

Output inpedance:  2 Ω

Frequency range: from: da 20 Hz a 20 kHz

Output power: 8 W

Output tension: 0 - 12 Vpp

Output current: 3,5 A (peak)

Distorsion < 1.5% over the full frequency range (at 2.5W output)

Protection: electronic

Power supply output for GM tubes: 400 V c.c

Power requirements:110 - 220 V 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: 230 x 150 x 300 mm





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