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Activated charcoal is coal which, with special techniques, is activeted to adsorb. Adsorption is a phisical phenomenon that takes place when an adsorbent solid fixes on its surface a different substance (ADSORBATE).

A) TEMPERATURE: high adsorpion with low temperature.
B) CONCENTRATION: high gas concentration, a lot adsorbent material.
C) HUMIDITY:a relative humidity from 70% to 75% is advisable.
D)PASSING SPEED: low speed, high retention.

With activation the coal gains a high porosity and a consequent increase in adsorbent surface which could reach 1300 mq/g of coal.
Gas or stream with elevate molecular weight and bolling point are usually well adsorbed.

1 FILTER mod.BE4
    Bullding Material :          PVC POLIPROPILENE
    Carridges nr:                            4
    Total weight Kg:                    Kg 10
    Total weight Kg:                    Kg 24
     In-out mm:                       mm 250
    Height mm:                          mm 250
    Depht mm:                           mm 520
    Width mm:                           mm 455
    N. prefiltri:                                4

2 FILTER mod.B4
    Bullding Material :                  PVC INOX
    Carridges nr:                                 4
     Total weight Kg:                        Kg 13
    Total weight Kg:                         Kg 27
     In-out mm:                          mm 250
    Height mm:                             mm 490
     Depht mm:                            mm 630
    Width mm:                             mm 490

3 FILTER mod.B6
   Bullding Material :                  PVC INOX
    Carridges nr:                             6
    Total weight Kg:                     Kg 19
    Total weight Kg:                     Kg 34
     In-out mm:                      mm 250
    Height mm:                         mm 700
    Depht mm:                         mm 630
   Width mm:                         mm 490

    Bullding Material :              PVC INOX
    Carridges nr:                           4
    Total weight Kg:                     Kg 5
    Total weight Kg:                     Kg 9
     In-out mm:                      mm 125
    Height mm:                        mm 250
    Depht mm:                         mm 460
    Width mm:                        mm 260

5 FILTER mod.BE6
    Bullding Material :          PVC POLIPROPILENE
    Carridges nr:                     6
    Total weight Kg:              Kg16
    Total weight Kg:              Kg 30
     In-out mm:                 mm 250
    Height mm:                    mm 455
    Depht mm:                     mm 520
     Width mm:                    mm 455
    N. prefiltri:                          6

    Bullding Material :        PVC INOX
    Carridges nr:                                                            1
    Total weight Kg:              Kg1.75
    Total weight Kg:             Kg 3,5
     In-out mm:               mm 125
    Height mm:                  mm 250
    Depht mm:                   mm 250
    Width mm:        
           mm 250


Ricambi e accessori

1 Cod. B4E03 - Filter mod.BE4
2 Cod. SET003E - Kit Spare FilterBE4
3 Cod. B4003- Filter mod. B4
4 Cod. SET003 - Kit Spare Filter B4
5 Cod. B6004 - Filter mod. B6
6 Cod. SET004 -Kit Spare Filter B6
7 Cod. B6E04 -Filter mod.BE6
8 Cod. SET004E -Kit Spare FilterBE6.
9 Cod. BM002 -Filter mod.BM.
10 Cod.SET002 -Kit Spare Filter BM.
11 Cod.BP001 -Filter mod.BP

12 SET001 -Kit Spare FilterBP
13 TV001 -PVC 90 curved tube 125 mm
14 TV001 -PVC 90 tube various lengths (max 2cm) 125 mm.
15 TV001 -Adaption 250/ 250 mm (other diameters avaible)
16 TV001 -T-form tube 125 mm.


Ripiani e Vaschette

1 Cod. CR001 - Trolley with wheels for AC 700/50 GS
2 Cod. FVS006 - Stainless steel basin shelf INOX AISI 304 per AC 700
3Cod. FVS005 - Stainless steel basin shelf INOX AISI 304 per AC 700/50
4 Cod. FVS010 - Stainless steel basin shelf INOX AISI 304 per AC 1000
5 Cod VS001 - Coated acid-proof shelf for AB 1000
6 Cod VS008 - Coated acid-proof shelf for A 700
7 Cod VS009 - Coated acid-proof shelf for AB 700
8 Cod VS007 - Coated acid-proof shelf for A/AA/AAF 100
9 Cod VS002 - Stainless steel shelf AISI 304 per AB 1000
10 Cod VS005 - Stainless steel shelf AISI 304 per AC 700/50
11 Cod VS004 - Stainless steel shelf AISI 304 per A/AA/AAF 100
12 Cod VS010 - Stainless steel shelf AISI 304 per AC 1000
13 Cod VS003 - Stainless steel shelf AISI 304 per AB 700
14 Cod VS006 - Stainless steel shelf AISI 304 per AC 700
15 Cod VS010 - Perforated stainless steel shelf AISI 304 per AC 700/50


Filtri e aspiratori

1 Cod. VSP004 - Acid-proof PVC basin (37x42)
2 Cod. BM002 - CARBOX Filter mod. BM
3 Cod. SET002 - Spare filter BM
4 Cod. BP001 - CARBOX filter mod. BP
5 Cod. SET001 - Spare filter BP
6 Cod. VDR010 - Adaption Kit filter/aspirator
7 Cod. VDR005 - Thermo-protected Electroaspirator IP44
8 Cod. ES006 - Automatic Extinguisher CI.A,B,C.
9 Cod. VDR008 - Spark-proof aspirator single-fase IC 100 IP55 (avaible even three-fase and version deflagration-proof, spark-proof both single-and three-fase)
10 Cod. F007 - SAFETYBOX filter for AA/AAF 100




Produced in PVC, completely isolated, equipped with a device for liquid level checking. When liquid go over the preset limit, it makes a float go up and a hummer work. That device can work even in the opposite way, that is setting a minimum level under which the device begins humming. In accordance with CE rules, in particular with that on low tension (73/23/CEE modified by 93/68/CEE)and that on electro-magnetic compatibility ( 89/336/CEE modified by 92/31/CEE and 93/68/CEE).

Builder decline sall responsability for damages due to any chemical reaction of liquid wrongly introduced in the box.

Avaible even the model:ECOBOX AUTOMATIC, with an automatic system of neutralizazion.

Capacity: 45 litres..
Dimension: mm 280x450x360h
Max dimension .mm 450x450x380h
Peso : Kg 8
Device alimentation : 220 Volt 50/60 Hz.
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